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How Bis Buys

How we conduct our business defines who we are as a company and our role as a responsible corporate citizen. This includes how we engage with our suppliers and partners.

We believe in better sourcing

We apply our procurement principles to secure goods and services that minimise cost and build measurable value and competitive advantage for the company.

We observe the highest standards of ethical conduct in procurement and purchasing processes, including ensuring our suppliers conduct business to comply with all applicable modern slavery laws and regulations.

Bis Modern Slavery Statement

Supplier engagement

We expect our suppliers to implement policies and standards consistent with, and complementary to, those of Bis.

They should be aware of our sourcing standards and the conduct required of the suppliers’ representatives. Please read through our Supplier Engagement Charter which outlines:

  • Strategic sourcing
  • Monitoring performance
  • Sustainable procurement

We and our suppliers are bound to relevant state and federal legislation.

Supplier Engagment Statement
We believe in holding ourselves to account and delivering value through considered, fair and transparent supplier engagements practices.

Purchasing, invoicing and payment

A Bis purchase order must be issued to a supplier before any commitment to purchase goods or services is made.

To facilitate payment, suppliers must quote the relevant purchase order number on all invoices. Invoices must be addressed as instructed on the purchase order.

We pay suppliers in accordance with our contractual commitment.

Our standard payment terms for suppliers are 60 days from the end of the month in which the tax invoice is dated.

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