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Iron Knight - Whyalla, South Australia

Until 2020, Bis owned, operated and maintained the site's haulage and crushing and screening technology, now we currently operate and maintain the Iron Knight 2 crushing and screening facility.

  • Location

    Iron Knight is located in the South Middleback Ranges, 50kms from Whyalla, South Australia. Land of the Banggarla people.

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  • Status

    Years of operation: 2006 - 2024

  • Customer

    GFG Alliance

  • Commodity

    Steel / Lead, Iron Ore

The contract: Materials Handling

During the life of the Iron Knight processing plant, Bis owned, operated and maintained the haulage and crushing and screening technology used throughout the plant. Responsibilities at this site included:

  • linking satellite operating pits to Iron Knight processing facilities and rail head, using Bis’ 180-tonne single road train haulage capability.
  • operating and maintaining the latest crushing and screening technology: Bis’ 2.1 - 4.5 million tonne-per-annum crushing and screening plants.
  • direct shipped ore crushing, with capabilities ranging from lump and fines (32mm,12mm) and all-in fines (<12mm, <2mm)
  • providing train loading services to deliver crushed ore to the GFG Alliance Export facilities.
  • stockpile management including dust suppression.
  • maintenance of our own equipment with a workshop onsite for maintenance.

Nearing the end of mine’s life, Bis secured an additional short-term contract to continue the operation and maintenance of the Iron Knight 2 crushing and screening facility.

Mining operations

The Iron Knight processing plant is owned by SIMEC Mining, a globally-focused business that supplies materials for the GFG Alliance’s business as well as third-party enterprises. The Iron Knight processing plant supported two of GFG’s local iron ore mines - Iron Warrior and Iron Duchess:

  • Iron Warrior supplied ore for direct shipping.
  • Iron Duchess supplied hematite ore to the Whyalla Steelworks.

Bis’ assets at Iron Knight

  • People


    At the height of the operation, Bis had over 40 people working at Iron Knight across the off-road haulage and crushing and screening operations including operations, maintenance and site management. To support the entire Whyalla single materials handling contract for GFG Alliance, the local Bis team consists of more than 250 people and has been working at Whyalla for over 60 years.

  • Equipment


    The crushing and screening equipment which Bis owned and operated at Iron Knight featured superior technology which helped to deliver advanced train loading services to the GFG Alliance Export facilities.

Key project achievements

60 years Whyalla proud

Bis has operated continuously in Whyalla since 1959, playing a vital role in the value chain of not only the steelworks but significant infrastructure projects including the construction of pipelines, roads jetties and mine sites. Bis celebrated this achievement through a series of community and employee events in 2019.

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