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Granny Smith, Western Australia

Bis provides the management and delivery of off-road load and haul, and other ancillary works at Gold Fields’ Granny Smith mine site.

  • Location

    The Granny Smith gold mine is located 21km south of Laverton, WA. Land of the Wongatha Nyalpa Pirniku clans.

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  • Status


    Start date: 2007

  • Customer

    Gold Fields Australia

  • Commodity

    Gold / Silver / Copper

The contract: Haulage

Bis provides the management and delivery of off-road load and haul, and other ancillary works at Gold Fields’ Granny Smith mine site.

After securing the initial contract in 2007, Bis quickly developed a collaborative and innovative relationship with Gold Fields that has seen our scope of works increase over time to now include:

  • labour and equipment for haulage of gold ore from the pit to run-of-mine
  • site road maintenance
  • civil construction and earthworks » tailings reclaim
  • front end loaders for crusher feed
  • mobile maintenance and fully equipped onsite workshop

The out-of-pit haulage of ore from the Wallaby Pit to the Granny Smith run of mine, covers a distance of 15km and utilises dual-powered road trains and associated front end loaders.

Annually, approximately 1.6 million tonnes of ore is moved this way. The critical site road maintenance for the haul road, site access road and the unsealed Goldfields airstrip includes grading, rolling and water cart operations.

Additionally, Bis now supplies and maintains a screening plant which is used in the reclamation of tailings being utilised for paste fill in the underground operations.

Mining operations

In 1989, mining commenced in the Granny Smith pit and continued in subsequent years with the development of the Goanna pit, the Windich pit and nearby satellite pits.

First gold was poured in 1990 The Wallaby deposit was discovered in 1998, 12 kilometres west of Granny Smith, with first open pit ore delivered to the mill in November 2001.

Underground mining at Wallaby commenced in December 2005 and is ongoing. At the end of 2015, a total of 1.95 million ounces of gold had been mined.

Ore is processed at the Granny Smith CIP processing plant under campaign milling conditions and is located 12km east of the Wallaby underground mine. Mining administration and maintenance is located at the Wallaby mine.

Bis’ assets at Granny Smith

  • People


    Bis has a workforce of approximately 20 team members supporting the Granny Smith operation.

  • Equipment


    A diverse fleet including DPRTs, graders, articulated water carts and dump trucks, front-end loaders, excavators, pit hauler side tipper, dump trucks, multi-wheel roller, service vehicles and a mobile screening plant.

Key project achievements

Bis secured the scope of work to build approximately six kilometres of causeways across Lake Carey for Gold Field’s exploration purposes.

Bis has completed multiple forward earthworks and civil projects for Gold Fields, including pre-plant construction earthworks, land clearing projects, and more recently, the construction of the tailings pad and water catchment dam.

Successful trials of Rexx, Bis’ proprietary 160-tonne dump truck, were conducted at Granny Smith. The works confirmed Rexx’s design expectations including the capability to haul fully loaded on steep inclines.

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