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Auto-mate can automate any or all of your assets within your fleet, to any level of automation, regardless of the age, make or model.


Advanced technology solutions for mining

Auto-mate delivers the next generation of mine site automation to the global resources sector, supported by joint venture partners Bis and IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries).

Auto-mate’s technology solutions are tailored to each mine site’s requirements, offering a range of automation options that are scalable to meet both current and future needs.  

The open architecture model allows interoperability with existing systems such as a fleet management system and mixed fleets - lowering implementation costs while providing visibility across the mining operation through connected systems.

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Why Auto-mate?

  • Demonstrated expertise

    Proven automation technology by global engineering partner IAI, supported by trusted mine site logistics provider, Bis

  • Flexibility

    Can be deployed at any mine site, on any asset and to any level of automation as required

  • Tailored solution

    Lower cost automation solutions tailored to meet mine plan and site-specific needs

  • Unlocking value

    Flexible asset-agnostic technology which provides accessibility to the benefits of automation for large, medium or smaller miners

  • Advanced technology

    Superior technology, in operation for over 40 years and used on over 100 different ground based assets, across 35 different asset types in remote and harsh environments

Backed by leaders in their fields

Joint venture partner IAI is backed by a 20,000 strong workforce, with over 5,000 engineers with world-class expertise in robotics and automation.

The 50-50 JV uses IAI’s proven automation technology which has been operating in heavy off-road vehicles in remote and harsh environments since the early 1980s, including light vehicles, trucks and dozers.

Bis is renowned for delivering innovative haulage and equipment solutions to mining customers for over 100 years, having received global accolades for its innovation pipeline including Rexx, Razor and dual powered road trains.

Bis brings demonstrated resource sector and logistics experience to the joint venture, ensuring the Auto-mate technology is fit-for-purpose and optimises customers’ operations.

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