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Maximising your on-road haulage capabilities

Hauling on-road doesn’t mean sacrificing volume or productivity.

A fit-for-purpose solution for your commodity

We are known for tailoring haulage strategies specifically for each commodity, so moving it between any site to port or rail terminal becomes far more cost effective, safer and reliable.

Don’t waste the return journey

Optimising road time needs to be front of mind. We recently developed a two-way road train solution that transports diesel to site, and on the return journey, hauls product to port; maximising the load capacity on both inbound and outbound routes.

Specialised product haulage

Our specialist bulk haulage logistics team develops tailored solutions for speciality bulk materials, concentrates, dangerous goods, pressurised liquids.

Some of the commodities we’ve hauled on-road include ore, copper and heavy mineral concentrate, sulphuric acid, processing inputs, zinc by–products, cement, quick lime, dangerous goods and other bulk materials.

No matter the commodity, if there’s a better way to safely and efficiently haul it on-road, we’ll find it.

Benefits of our on-road haulage solutions

  • Solutions tailored to your needs

  • Maximise payloads within existing regulations

  • Fewer vehicle movements on public roads

  • Optimise inbound and outbound routes to minimise costs

  • Minimise impact on local communities

  • Safe and reliable delivery of your specialist bulk products

Our latest innovations


Meet our DPRT.

Designed to go the extra mile with payloads up to 500 tonnes, reduced haul cycles and vehicle movements, achieve higher productivity at a reduced cost.

Discover DPRTs

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