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Our Stories 06 March 2018

Humans of Bis: Rochelle

Materials handling is a critical component of any mining project.

At Bis our logistics specialists understand the resource supply chain and the critical components it can comprise. Our people tap into “on the ground” operational experience and commodity expertise to help us deliver every day for our customers.

Operations Manager Rochelle Whitford is part of the Bis team who provides materials handling solutions to support the shipment of iron ore from Whyalla Port.

Prior to joining Bis, Rochelle spent seven years working in mining operations from pit-to-port.

“There’s nothing stopping women joining the mining industry. There’s plenty of opportunities."

“I was involved across the spectrum of mining projects including plant and site establishment and commissioning, operations focussing on drill and blast and haulage, processing plants, right through to rail and shipping.”

Those insights are now helping Rochelle every day as she works with customers to meet their needs, as well as plan and deliver any additional requirements.

As part of her role she also provides guidance and support to other Bis team members with a focus on safety, training, contract and asset management.

Rochelle has also combined her day-to-day work responsibilities with completing a Certificate IV in Frontline Leadership and is in the final stages of a Bachelor of Business.

“My role with Bis lets me make the most of my experience as well as put into practice insights I have gained from my studies. It’s a great place to work.”