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Our Stories 06 January 2020

Humans of Bis – Nathan and Shane

Meet Nathan and Shane Clohesy, a father and son team who both work for Bis as MC Operators at the Newlands project site located near Glenden in the Bowen Basin.

Shane has been a part of the Bis team for over nine years, and has worked across the country at various project sites including Christmas Creek in Western Australia and Gunnedah in New South Wales.

In Queensland, he has been part of the team at George Fisher, Lady-Annie and now Newlands mine sites.

At the start of his career, Nathan joined the Bis Newlands team in March 2020, after a stint in open cut mining.

A typical day sees them catching a bus to site from the camp in Glenden and attending a pre-start meeting to outline the tasks to complete in the shift ahead.

“We then take over the equipment from the prior operator from the last shift and perform a visual pre-start before logging into the database and commencing haulage tasks outlined in the pre-start,” Shane said.

Shane then hauls different types of coal from run of mine pads to the processing facilities in road trains carrying approximately 380 tonnes per load.

After the coal has been processed, Nathan then transports the waste product from an automated bin to pits in a 789C Dump Truck.

Shane and Nathan both agree that Bis is a great company to work for.

“Bis has an equitable outlook towards their employees, extensive training programs and stringent safety standards,” Shane said.

While some may find working with family challenging, Shane and Nathan are grateful to be working alongside each other on a daily basis.

“I can watch how he develops as he progresses further and further into his career within Bis and at Newlands mine,” Shane said.

“The progress he has made in the short time he has been here makes me very proud of him.

“He has been given a great opportunity here at Bis, and l know he will make the most of it.”