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Our Stories 11 November 2020

Humans of Bis – Matt

Meet Matt Collett, Asset Commissioning Specialist. Matt’s regular role is spilt between sites in Balikpapan and Melak in East Kalimantan Indonesia supporting the GBU operation. However, for the last 6 months he has been in Australia (due to international travel restrictions) demonstrating his versatility as part of the team responsible for commissioning Rexx units for customer projects.

For Matt, every day working for Bis is different, now more so than ever.

When in Balikpapan, he is responsible for asset rebuilds and standby asset preservation while on site in Melak, he assists with quality control, implementing efficiency initiatives and asset reliability and maintenance planning.

When international border closures prevented Matt from returning to work in Indonesia, he offered to lend his expertise to the Rexx project team.

“As part of this project, I have assisted with manufacturing, which moved quickly to testing and commissioning. I am now working on the east coast, assisting with site implementation,” Matt said.

Since embarking on his Bis career as a contract diesel mechanic at an operation in the Pilbara in 2012 at the age of 18, Matt has since had a varied career with Bis that has taken him across the country, and overseas.

Over the years, Matt has played a key role in the fit-out of the original truck and trailer combinations for the Whitehaven Gunnedah operation, and spent six months travelling between numerous Bis sites in Western Australia, performing auto-electrical training and diagnostics.

“This was a great experience that I still look back on with a lot of fond memories,” Matt said.

Matt became part of the Indonesia team in June 2015 where he worked as a technical advisor until late 2018. He then assisted with the mobilisation of Bis’ new contract for GBU in Balikpapan. During this time, his colleagues helped him to learnt how to speak fluent Bahasa.

Matt reflects on his career with Bis so far with great pride and a sense of achievement.  

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with and learn from the best in the business in a variety of different fields,” Matt said.

“The people are what make me excited to pull the boots on every morning.

“They say that nothing worth having comes easy, and I think that’s an accurate depiction of a career with Bis,” he said.

“I’m sure there are easier jobs out there, but I doubt you would find a more rewarding career than what Bis offers.”