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Our Stories 04 February 2021

Humans of Bis – Edi

Edi knows there is no “I” in team. As Project Manager for our GBU operations in Melak, Indonesia, he was on the frontline from day 1, building and nurturing the team that today delivering a highly successful and rewarding project for Bis.

“The one thing I can’t live without on site is my team. Without a team, I cannot do anything”.

Edi joined Bis in 2018 and started his journey after Bis’ secured a long-term contract to deliver load and haul services at the GBU mine and expansion into Indonesia.

In the beginning Edi was responsible for establishing a new team sourced from the local area, implementing systems and standards, whilst making sure the project is progressing well. During this time, Edi was responsible for making hundreds of decisions every day while new systems were continuously improved and the team’s processes were formed. Optimization and expansion of these systems is a key part of Edi’s responsibility as the project expands with new challenges on the horizon.

A key mantra of Edi’s was ensuring the things he values the most became everyday parts of his life working at Bis.
He’s a big advocate for health, safety and environmental awareness which is apparent in his involvement in the “Bis Adventure Club”, a local hiking group for staff which helps to strengthen relationships with the exhilarating physical challenge of a mountain to climb.

He is very involved with making sure every one of his team are valued and have a great experience with Bis.
With this much energy, he’s yet to reach his pique.

However, his humble nature dedicates everything to his team, his interview ends with the comment “Without a team, I cannot do anything”.

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