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Our Stories 06 February 2020

Humans of Bis – Brad

His customer base is as vast as his remit, but that is exactly what drives Brad in his multifaceted role as Regional Manager – South West.
His patch, stretching throughout the south of Western Australia, encapsulates specialist on-road and off-road haulage and site services for gold, nickel, and bauxite operations.
A typical day for Brad could be a mix of customer and site meetings, pre-start and toolbox meetings, operational reviews and working alongside his customers to provide efficiencies for their operations. Additionally, as a regional manager, Brad is always looking for ways to enhance our scope of works, and be even more of a strategic asset for our customers.
When asked what he thrives on most, Brad cites the autonomy to grow regional delivery capability through innovation. ‘The potential for growth within Bis is always exciting. It’s an innovative business which allows you to develop solutions you can then provide to existing and potential new customers.’
‘A recent example was providing a new customer with a game-changing equipment solution that has enhanced the safety of transporting their specialty material. Working with the Bis Engineering team, we designed a new bespoke internal baffle system on tipping trailers which restricts material movement whilst in transit. It was developed specifically for the customer and the material we need to haul. The customer was thrilled.’
 ‘I’m very excited for what the future will bring Bis.’