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Media Release 13 February 2018

Bis wins major award for METS Exporter of the Year

Leading resource logistics company Bis has won a major award for mining, equipment, technology and services (METS) exports.

Australia’s Mining Monthly’s METS Exporter of the Year 2018 Award recognises a METS provider that has had the most significant export win by value or technological solution during the year.

Bis CEO Brad Rogers said that the award win was “great recognition of how Bis drives productivity breakthroughs in the resources supply-chain for our customers.”

Bis won the major award through its innovative haulage solution at the Tabang coal mine in East Kalimantan.

Bis exported innovative Australian designed technology in the form of their bespoke high horsepower T1250 trucks with four high capacity dedicated off road trailers, assembling these on site in Tabang.  This fleet complements the existing and proprietary dual powered road trains that Bis also operates at the Tabang mine site.

Both haulage units eclipse the capacity and speed of traditional OEM haul trucks, and have a lower carbon footprint.

Brad commented that the presence of the T1250 trucks and dual powered road trains in Indonesia is aimed at delivering a step change improvement in productivity and efficiency for Indonesian miners.

“Previously the maximum capacity for haulage in Indonesia was 120 tonnes.  Bis’ new technology increased this to 240 tonnes for a single T1250 truck, or 300 tonnes for a dual powered road train,” he said.

Bis has recently won its second long term contract in Indonesia, and will be providing load and haul services to the Gunung Bara Utama (GBU) mine for an initial five-year term, with site mobilisation from March 2018.