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Media Release 09 June 2020

Bis shortlisted as one of the Australian Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies in 2020

Bis has once again been recognised for its culture of customer-driven innovation, shortlisted for a place on the 2020 Australian Financial Review Most Innovative Companies list.
This prestigious national list highlights companies with a demonstrated culture of innovation. Bis’ shortlisting for 2020, following inclusion in the list in 2019, is the result of the development of Razor, which is a recent product launched from the company’s industry leading innovation program.
Bis CEO Brad Rogers said the shortlisting was testament to Bis’ commitment to partnering with customers to understand their needs and then developing solutions that delivered distinctive value to their operations.
“Our culture of curiosity and innovation has driven the business from its early days and we are proud that it remains at the forefront of everything we do,” Mr Rogers said.
“We have a dedicated team of experts in their field who are designing products and services to solve our customers’ challenges and deliver products like Razor, which we believe delivers important improvements to our underground customers.”
Razor was invented and developed by Bis in Tomago near Newcastle in New South Wales, in direct response to industry demand.
Bis General Manager – Underground Services Mark Doyle said that a grader was an essential piece of equipment for every underground coal mine, however previous grader models had some known safety and performance issues in their design.
“With no significant development to underground grader design or innovation in 20 years, Bis recognised the need to deliver a better product for operators and customers,” Mr Doyle said.
“Razor, our cutting-edge underground grader, was the result of our team looking critically at the existing machines on the market and talking to our customers to understand how we could design a better product for them, in every aspect.
“This led to the development of our own proprietary underground grader that has more tractive effort, increased power, is safer and more comfortable for the operator.”
Underground companies are now queuing up to secure Razor for their underground mining operations, with Razor already securing three orders.
Razor has been the latest product to emerge from the Bis innovation pipeline, following the development of the ground-breaking mine haulage vehicle, Rexx.
There is much more to come from Bis, with a range of innovative new products and services planned for launch to the market in the near future.
To read more about Bis’ proprietary innovations, visit our innovations page here